Slay was born out of one guiding principle; less is more. 

We believe that having good skin isn’t about the number of products in your bathroom. Yes, we’re a skincare brand, telling you to do less skincare. Crazy, right? Because we focus on you too, not just our pockets.

Layering on product after product isn’t just tedious, it’s detrimental. Ingredients that haven’t been formulated specifically to work together, can end up fighting with each other rather than fighting for your skin. That’s why we set out to create products that work in synergy, effective enough to replace the majority of your routine. Do more for your skin, by doing less.

We hope you like our products. Most people do!

Team Slay 

We are a skincare company that wants you to buy less.

Get better results using fewer products, creating less waste & saving you more.